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The Services I offer

Front-End DEV

Front-End Web Developer specializing in HTML5 & CSS3. I am extremely knowledgeable in standards-based development for all platforms. I can create websites and interfaces to respond and format correctly to any device.

Responsive CSS

Responsive Development: CSS is my bread and butter. I can bend the browser to my will with a couple lines of CSS. I structure my code logically, and take full advantage of CSS media queries.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design: I can create any graphics needed including wireframe layouts, full website mockups, banner designs, logo designs, website graphics, business card designs, storyboards, moodboards and much more.

Pixel Perfect

Pixel Perfect: Expert in Adobe Photoshop and proficient in the entire Adobe Creative suite. I can take any layout (PSD, Figma, etc...) and create Pixel Perfect HTML and CSS code.

Hello, I am Michael Kaminski...

I am a front-end web developer working in the Chicagoland area. Expert Level in HTML & CSS, strong supporting skills in JS & PHP, expert skill in Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, with a strong design background and UI/UX know-how, make me a hybrid developer that can fit almost any role. I work well independently, and as part of a team. I can lead, or take direction easily. All in all, I can take a project from start to finish, and knock it out of the park.

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Web Design



Responsive Design/Development, HTML5 + CSS3, Pixel Perfect PSD or Figma to HTML/CSS, HTML Email, Graphic Design.


Wordpress Development: I can create custom Wordpress themes for any client, business, enterprise or endeavor. I can also create and work on custom Wordpress plugins, adding extra functionality to existing Wordpress themes.

Additional Secondary Skills: jQuery, PHP, MySQL, HTML Email Optimization, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Website Performance Optimization, Project Management, Information Architecture, Brand/Identity Development, IT/Networking, Facebook API Developer, Twitter API Developer


WordPress administration, X Code, ExactTarget (AMPScripting), Hubspot (Hubl), MindFire, SDL (Alterian), WebSite Administration, Content Development, Content Marketing, Merchant Accounts, Payment Gateways, CDN (Content Delivery Network), Adobe Creative Suite (Creative Cloud Member), AWS (Amazon Web Services), KMZ/KML Development (Google Earth), CushyCMS, Shopsite, eShop, BaseCamp (37Signals Suite), Google+, Skype, TeamViewer, Git

My Latest projects

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Keep in Touch with me

I am available for freelance work or consulting. I do offer one-on-one or group classes in HTML and CSS, from basic to advanced. Send me an email and I will reply ASAP. Thanks, and have a great day!

Check out my resume website at kaminski.work.
(*ProTip - While viewing my resume website, hit "Control+P" on Windows or "Cmd + P" on Mac to check out the nice and clean formatting from my print CSS!)

Michael Kaminski